Shouldn't communication for your organization be easier?

Quicklert™ - 911 Alerts & Mass Alerts Communication, Secure Messaging & Broadcast Paging Platform

Quicklert in schools

Reach school administrators, teachers, students, parents and your community when you need to.

Quicklert in government
State & Local Government

Reach administrators, case-workers, employees and your community quickly and easily anytime.

Quicklert in universities

Reach faculty, students, alumni members and your community, quickly and easily during any situation.

Quicklert in businesses

Reach your customers, your  employees, your corporate suppliers and partners -without interruption.

Quicklert in healthcare

Reach doctors, nurses, patients quickly and easily - without compromising patient information

Quicklert in small businesses

Reach your employees, your customer base, suppliers and  your partners -easily and affordably.

Mobile First Approach

Mobile First Approach

Send/Receive Messages

Send and Receive messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere from your desktop computer or smartphones


Reply, acknowledge or clear messages and alerts from any device. It can't be any easier!

Mass Alerts, Emergency 911 Call Alerts

Initiate or receive Mass Alerts to smartphones, desktop computers and IP Phones*. Alerts sent as smartphone notifications, SMS text messages, phone calls, emails etc.

Quicklert™ Integrates with Your Cisco™ or Digium™ Platform

Quicklert™ Integrates with Your Cisco or Digium Platform

Get more value by utilizing out of the box integration with Cisco™ CallManager and Digium™ Switchvox communication platforms


Cisco Call Manager Customers

Add 911 alert, broadcast, paging, Mass Alert and messaging to Cisco IP Phones, Mobile devices, Windows and Mac Computers, IP Speakers, Digital Signage etc.

Quicklert for Cisco CallManager

Digium SwitchVox Customers

Add 911 alert, Mass Alert and messaging to Mobile devices, Windows and Mac Computers, IP Speakers, Digital Signage etc.

Quicklert for Digium Switchvox

Quicklert™ as a Hosted Solution in the Cloud
Learn more about how you can utilize Quicklert in your organization as a Messaging and Mass Alerting application.