Introducing Quicklert™ for Cisco™ – the Next Generation for IP-Based Paging, Broadcasting and Messaging for the Enterprise

All existing IPsession customers with a current maintenance contract can migrate to Quicklert™ for Cisco™ for free.

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Ease of use

For many organizations, the IP Phone is the legacy device of choice. Alerts can be launched from and received by Cisco IP Phones.

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Supported Devices

Alerts and Messages can be exchanged between IP Phones, Desktop/Laptop Computers, Smart Mobile Phones, Analog and IP-Speakers and Digital Signage

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iOS and Android Apps

Most people are not glued to their desks and computer screens. Alerts can be launched from and received by IOS and Android smartphones.

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Mac & Windows Desktop 

The computer is the device of choice for many users. Alerts can be launched from and received by Windows and MAC desktop computers.

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Seamless Transition

Our implementation team will get you up and running usually within an hour or so with your original server configuration.

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Saves You Time

All existing configuration data is migrated over to keep all your existing groups, users and devices.

Why Quicklert?

Quicklert is an integrated Messaging, Paging and Broadcast alerts, 911 Alerts, Mass Alerts platform for your organization that supports IP Phones, computers, mobile phones, speakers signage and many other connected devices and applications. Its secure, scalable and distributed architecture allow your communication platform scale with your organization needs.


911 Alert

If someone dials 911 on their SwitchVox phone, Quicklert notifies the right people, immediately, on the device of their choice.



Critical messages are sent and received – securely – to corporate and personal groups.


Mass Alerts

One touch launches pre-designated event-driven alerts to mobile phones, computers, and email users.


Alert & Notify

More than just an alerting platform, Quicklert allows recipients full communications, with acknowledgement and reply functions.


Powerful Enterprise Paging, 911 and Mass Alerts and Cisco IP Phones Applications Solution.