Quicklert™ for Federal, State & Local Governments

Reach administrators, caseworkers, employees and your community quickly and easily anytime.

Quicklert™ for Federal, State & Local Governments
Quicklert™ helps you reach users, constituents, employees and partners at the federal, state and local level -easily and conveniently.


911 and Code Alerts

911 is dialed or a panic button is pressed. Immediately, the right people – anywhere - are alerted – on their device of choice – at their desktop or on their mobile phone. They can acknowledge and reply to any alert.


Mass Alerts Management

Something happens. You need to alert and notify hundreds, or even thousands of people. Bad weather, an emergency situation, or a simple IT outage. Touch an icon, and everyone is notified, via alerts, emails, and SMS messages.


Secure and Easy Messaging

Beyond simple paging and broadcast services, you need a secure messaging platform that allows full, two-way communications. More urgent than email or voice mail, when someone gets a Quick Alert, it has priority.


Reaching your Communities

Reach your communities quickly – and securely – anytime, anywhere, on any device. No more expensive dial-out campaigns where calls are screened and not answered. Full response functions are available, if desired.



Communicate with your staff – quickly, easily and securely –with full response functions. Don’t miss another urgent message.


Emergency Professionals

Alert key emergency personnel – quickly, easily and securely –during any event, with response functions to track progress and audit any event.


Utilities & Services

Alert your service organizations – libraries, water departments –of any event, and communicate with them more securely.


Constituents and Community Members

Reach anyone in your community with the touch of an icon. Reach neighborhoods, zip codes, school districts –immediately and securely during any event.


Schools and Universities 

Never be out of touch with schools during an emergency again. Send and receive alerts to all schools in the districts you serve with a tap on an icon.



Stay connected with all of your hospitals during disasters and emergency situations.


Simple, Easy yet Powerful solution for 911 Alerts, Mass Alerts, Broadcast, Paging and Messaging.