Quicklert™ as a Hosted Solution

Introducing Quicklert™ as a Hosted Solution for Secure Messaging and Emergency Response - for Any Organization, of Any Size, in Any Industry.

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Ease of use

If your users know how to click an icon – then they already know how to use Quicklert. It can’t get easier than this!


Supported Devices

Alerts and Messages can be exchanged between Smart Mobile Phones, Desktop/Laptop Computers, Analog and IP Speakers and Digital Signage.


Mac & Windows Desktop

The computer is the device of choice for many users. Alerts can be launched from and received by Windows and MAC computers.

iOS & Android Apps

Most people are not glued to their desks. Alerts can be launched from and received by IOS and Android Smart Phones.


Seemless Transition

Using our data center resources, our transition team will get you up and running quickly – risk free – usually within an hour!

Save Time & Money

Quick deployment means you are up and running – and taking care of business – in no time!

Why Quicklert?

Quicklert™ is a simple, easy-to-use messaging, alerting and emergency response solution that scales from 5 users to tens of thousand of users. Your critical messages are no longer caught in voice mail jail, or stuck in an e-mail Inbox, or ignored as screened calls. One touch launches and receives key messages and critical alerts. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Secure Messaging

Critical messages are sent and received – securely – to corporate and personal groups.

Mass Alerts

One touch launches pre-designated event-driven alerts to mobile phones, computers, and email users.



More than a simple alerting solution, messages and alerts can be acknowledged, replied to and cleared, all documented for audit purposes.


Alerts made Simple

Everything is simplified – how alerts and messages are created, launched, received, replied to – it is intuitive and easy to use and administer.


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