Quicklert™ Resources

Customer Support, Documentation, Software Registration (iLAS), Cisco CallManager, Digium Switchvox and Quicklert Hosted Solutions

The following resources are available for our clients, partners and distributors

Obtain solutions to your PBX investments, migrate your emergency messaging system to the cloud, find out which IP devices Quicklert™ is compatible with, know how your company can benefit with our Partner's Program and much more in one convenient page.

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Digium Switchvox

Obtain a copy of our Quicklert™ software for Digium phones and Digium™ Switchvox server here.

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Cisco CallManager

Obtain a copy of our Quicklert™ software for Cisco™ IP Phones and Cisco's CallManager server here.

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Quicklert Hosted Solutions

Our Quicklert as a Hosted Solution for Secure Messaging and Emergency Response on the cloud is here.

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Compatible IP Devices

Quicklert is compatible with a large selection of Cisco™ IP Phones and Digium™ IP Phones. Call us at 1-800-789-1034 for a complete list.

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Customer Support

We provide step-by-step user guides and manuals. Live tech support at 1-800-789-1034 or send your support requests to support@quicklert.com.

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Customer Impact Program

Quicklert's Customer Impact Program is our customer care program that protects your Unified Communications investments. See it here.