Quicklert™ for Colleges and Universities

Reach school administrators, teachers, students, parents and your community when you need to.

Role-Based Features
Communicate easier, faster, and securely, creating a safer teaching and learning environment. Your institution is important to your community – economically and culturally. Reach out to your community easily, at the touch of a button.


911 Call Alerts

911 is dialed or a panic button is pressed. Immediately, the right people are alerted – on their device of choice – at their desktop or on their mobile phone, whether campus police, security or first responders – or all of the above.


Mass Alerts Management

Something happens. You need to alert and notify hundreds or thousands of people. It may be weather related, a dangerous situation, or a simple IT outage. Touching one icon alerts everyone – via alerts, emails, and SMS messages.


Secure and Easy Messaging

Beyond simple paging and broadcast services, you need a secure messaging platform that allows full, two-way communication. More urgent than email or voicemail, when someone gets a Quick Alert, they know it has priority assigned to it.


Community Outreach

In addition to current students, there are times where you want to reach out to your alumni. You don’t want fundraising information stuck in mailboxes. Experience secure, two-way communication with current and former students.


Simple and Powerful Alerts and Messaging Solution for Schools