Innovations For Emergency Detection Communication and Response Management Solutions For Your Schools

Learn how new innovation with the software platform which you already own can help you to save lives during emergency in your school


Many of us want to think of schools as a safe haven of education for students in the United States? That is no longer the case, consider these shocking numbers:

There have been 290 shootings at schools since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2013

There were 23 shooting incidents in 2018, 113 deaths and injuries.

There are 5,000+ fires occur at U.S. schools every year

When an emergency happens in a school, we don’t know what is happening soon enough, we don’t respond quickly enough - and while all of this is going on - communications are sorely lacking.

Our challenge – as technologists, as parents – is to create an environment where communications is simple, fast and accurate. These are the first steps toward a safer campus.  

This webinar will help you to understand the full potential of our newest technologies - smart, intelligent, multi-function devices that re-imagine emergency response for schools by offering early detection for key events – even shootings! You can enhance your response when the unthinkable occurs:


Predict problems and events in advance


Notify the right resources with secure, two-way communications 


Detect problems and events faster 


Kevin Brown, Chairman & Co-Founder Quicklert, Inc

Kevin Brown

Chairman & Co-Founder Quicklert, Inc

Alok Jain, President & CEO Quicklert, Inc

Alok Jain

President & CEO Quicklert, Inc

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