Quicklert™ for Small Size Businesses

Reach employees, customers, suppliers and partners -easily and affordably. 

Quicklert™ for Your Business

Quicklert™ is a simple yet powerful enterprise class application that can be deployed on your premises or can be consumed as a hosted software service from the cloud. Rock solid and secure, Quicklert™ is an excellent - and affordable - solution for small businesses with as few as five to ten employees looking to fit emergency response within their budgets.

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Broadcast & Paging

Reach your users anytime, anywhere, on any device or any screen. No more expensive dial-out campaigns where calls are screened and not answered, or emails that are not read in a timely fashion. 


Mass Alerts Management

Something happens. You need to alert and notify hundreds, or even thousands of people. Bad weather, an emergency situation, or a simple IT outage. Touch an icon, and everyone is notified, via alerts, emails, and SMS messages.


911 & Code Alerts

911 is dialed or a panic button is pressed. Immediately, the right people –anywhere – are alerted –on their device of choice – at their desktop or on their mobile phone. They can acknowledge and reply to any alert.


Secure & Easy Messaging

Beyond simple paging and broadcast services, you need a secure messaging platform that allows full, two-way communication. In a small company, every second counts. No more key messages stuck in email or voicemail boxes.


Quicklert helps you communicate easier, faster, and securely when your organization needs it.