Front-end Developer

With Vue.js, Angular, React, Different CSS precompilers and frameworks experience

We are looking for an ambitious and self-driven Front-end Developer to join our team. As a Front-end Developer, you will be responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with within a web application, which makes your role crucial for the success of our business.

The job responsibilities include:

•  Use a variety of programming languages to create user-friendly and responsive web pages and applications.

•  Work in a multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as back-end developers and web designers

•  Optimize our web applications for maximum speed

•  Always stay consistent with our brand guidelines

•  Make suggestions for better solutions to problems

•  Keep abreast of the latest and emerging technologies


•  More than two years of experience as a Front-end Developer

•  Excellent knowledge of industry-leading browsers (desktop, mobile), troubleshooting and debugging practices and techniques

•  Experience working with Vue.js

•  Experience working with Angular

•  Different CSS precompilers and frameworks

•  Knowledge of React