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Nurse showing QBOX ConnecTab with a Launcher on the screen to the patient

The Quicklert Connected Healthcare Platform is designed to saves lives, enhances patient care and increases efficiencies in the system with innovative applications and the next-generation of multi-purpose devices. It helps healthcare organizations to deliver a safer, smarter and simplified experience for all by eliminating redundant, siloed point solutions and saves dollars through significant cost reductions while delivering better patient care. This single integrated platform provides the following out-of-the-box solution for: Remote Patient Monitoring, Virtual Patient Sitting, Virtual Rounding, Advanced Video Nurse Call, Patient Experience, In-Room Digital Communications, Mass Alerts and Communications, and Campus Safety, TeleHealth, COVID Solutions.

Using the Quicklert Connected Healthcare Platform, these solutions can be deployed rapidly by any healthcare organization with very little training and learning curve, especially as the healthcare industry struggles to deal with the causes of the COVID-19 surge.

Doctor monitoring the patients through QBOX ConnectView

Remote Patient Monitoring

The Quicklert Connected Healthcare Platform provides live video monitoring and 2-way audio/text/video communication to enhance patient care. Using QBOX ConnecTab at the bedside and QBOX ConnectView at the nursing stations this solution helps to enhance patient care, improve staff efficiencies and protect them from unnecessary physical exposure while reducing PPE/supply usage and costs, especially during COVID-19 outbreak. It is also best suited for remote residents, nursing home patients, and discharged patients for communications and remote monitoring.  

Nurse is monitoring and communicate with patients using QBOX ConnecTab

Virtual Nurse/Patient Sitting

With ConnectView at the nurse stations or on their devices nurses can monitor multiple patients effectively using live video. When necessary, nurses can establish one-touch video sessions with their patients for face-to-face communications. Even by reducing the ratio from 1-to-1 in half, to 1-to-4 or 1-to-6 (nurse to the patient), hospitals can cut these costs in half annually, so that nurses can focus on where their skills are needed most. 

Doctors discussion on the video call using Quicklert Connected Healthcare Platform

Virtual Rounding

Allow physicians and nurses a more convenient way to use video, voice, and images for virtual rounding and virtual patient visits from anywhere and any device. Using the Quicklert Connect app, doctors can simplify and augment rounding by on-demand video calls, sharing voice, video and image messages with key staff (other doctors, nurses, specialists) and patients. 

Doctor calling to the patient through QBOX ConnecTab

Advanced Video Nurse Call

Fully integrated, innovative and simplified nurse call solution that allows patients to request assistance at the touch of a button from ConnecTab in their room. These alerts are delivered at the nursing station’s ConnectView console and their smart devices that enable staff to deliver better and more efficient patient care with face-to-face video, text and audio communication.

Little girl patient watching cartoons on the QBOX ConnecTab

In-Room Patient Experience

The QBOX ConnectTab is also a personalized device for patient in-room infotainment experience. It provides information, communication, entertainment and more to enhance patient safety and experience. By providing both Help Call and patient entertainment functions from the same platform, deployment costs are dramatically reduced, while management operations are greatly simplified.

Quicklert In-Room Digital Communications Technologies

Interactive Digital Signage

The Quicklert Connected Healthcare Platform delivers an informative experience for patients and staff everywhere – in patient rooms, waiting rooms, hallways and lobbies. With QMS it is easy and fast to create and push the informative and personalized content to the individual or group of devices. And when an emergency occurs, the Quicklert IAM platform provides a visual and audible alerts, notifications and timely information to save lives.

Quicklert Connect App for Healthcare Management

Mass Alerts and Communications

Using the Quicklert Intelligent Alerts Management platform and Quicklert Connect mobile and desktop licenses, hospitals can equip their staff and patients with a comprehensive yet straightforward messaging platform. One-touch mass alerts can be launched from the devices for specific business and emergency events, and full two-way communications between sender and recipient is supported, using text, audio, video messaging. 

The QBOX displays the Mass Alert in the Hospital hallway

Campus Safety

Using QBOX devices, which contain AI-cameras and a number of sensors, hospitals can turn normal exit, stairwell signs and even clocks into interactive event detection and surveillance devices during dangerous events, such as fires, intruders with weapons. The Quicklert Command and Control Center allows hospital security resources to see the entire organization (multi-campus) and quickly identify dangerous areas, establishing one-touch communications with those in that location. 

Doctor calling the patient at home using Quicklert Telehealth Solution


All-in-one integrated AI powered Quicklert connected healthcare platform provides a robust foundation for telehealth and telemedicine with voice, video and mass alerts and notification. Healthcare organizations can seamlessly deploy telehealth and telemedicine solutions that use live video and recorded voice, video and image messaging to enhance and simplify patient communications and patient care. 

QBOX Touch by the door in the hospital displaying Covid related information

COVID Solutions

Hospitals can use video monitoring, messaging and live video calls with patients to enhance patient care, protect staff from exposures and reduce PPE / supply costs for COVID/infectious patients, while also using wall and ceiling mounted technologies to reinforce distancing and other COVID-related procedures. While patients are isolated, they can request video conversations from QBOX ConnecTab with loved ones at the touch of a button, with no investments or downloads required on either side. 

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