QBOX ConnecTab

QBOX ConnecTab

A simple solution that increases staff efficiency, while improving patient communication internally and externally for healthcare facilities.

Patient Engagement and Communications

The simple, one-touch ConnectView design allows staff to easily connect with any patient through messaging or video chat directly through the patients’ in-room ConnecTab tablet. During viral outbreaks, this can be life-saving for at-risk patients and staff as they continue to provide care, eliminating unnecessary repeated exposure by reducing in-room contact.

Increased Staff Safety and Efficiency

With fewer in-person interactions, care teams will dramatically decrease their use of PPE and similar supplies, saving time, increasing staff efficiency and reducing supplies costs.

Intuitive Design

QBOX ConnecTab also provides patients with an intuitive portal for simple, one-touch video chat that keeps them in touch with staff, loved ones and outside healthcare providers. ConnecTab can be used for secure telehealth consultations, as its end-to-end encryption ensures the privacy and security of all QBOX communications.

Quicklert ConnecTab - video call with a family
Connectivity Simplified, the Way it Should Be

The ConnecTab icon-driven display for patients is large and simple. It does not require any training to use. With just one touch, patients can call staff members or care providers for assistance, or just connect with the ones they love - over video call. QBOX ConnecTab can also be used for patient engagement and entertainment. The QBOX Content Management System provides a range of options for news, information and entertainment.

Quicklert ConnecTab
Patient Engagement and Communication for Healthcare Facilities

ConnectView for Care Providers

ConnecTab for Patient In-room Tablet

checkOne-touch Web-based dashboard of all Patients

checkOne-touch icon display operation

checkAccessible from any Web-enabled device

checkVideo call staff through dashboard

checkVisually and audibly monitor patients

checkVideo call loved ones

checkMessage one or multiple patients at a time

checkSecure for telehealth consultations

checkTwo-way video chat with patients

checkPatient engagement and entertainment platform

Stay Safe, Stay Connected with QBOX ConnecTab and ConnectView