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Alok Jain

Founder, President & CEO

Creating a safer world using people and technologies that integrate artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), unified communications, network, and security management platforms that are easy to adapt, sell, deploy and manage.

Alok Jain is co-founder and serves as President & CEO of Quicklert, the most innovative company in the mass alerts and critical event detection, management, communication, and software applications platform (IAM) and artificial intelligent device platform (QBOX). Alok leads the company mission to create Safe-Smart organizations to keep people safe and business running, especially during emergencies.

Alok has a unique blend of 25 years of experience to innovate technology to solve complex customer needs while keeping things simple. He has successfully led new software products from conception to market by being able to anticipate and understand customer needs under his leadership and vision. The overarching focus of his professional career has always been on delivering a simplified end-user experience with purposeful, fully integrated technology, products, and services to fulfill business needs. As an entrepreneur, Alok’s vision and philosophy are reflected in his work to solve real-life customer challenges with simplified, integrated, complex, cutting-edge technology.

Under Alok’s leadership, several products have been created and commercialized and then acquired and integrated into the acquiring company’s product portfolio, which became some of the most successful solutions.

He co-founded IPcelerate that create VoIP applications market that brought IP telephony application platform used by over 4,800+ enterprise customers delivering applications on over 8 million IP phones and mobile devices. These products include Unified Communication and Collaboration Applications Platform, Call Recording and Monitoring Solutions, and Social Networking Applications.

Alok’s always focused on bringing teams together and innovate to solve the safety, communication, and security challenges we face in our schools, hospitals, government offices, and business.

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