Quicklert for Small & Medium Businesses

Powerful Risk Mitigation and Emergency Management hidden in plain sight

Creating Safe-Smart workplaces for small business organizations using AI-powered technologies to accelerate threat detection, facilitate faster response and simplify communications during the normal day and the unexpected day - all from a single, intelligent platform that can grow with your organization.

Intelligent Alert Management (IAM) by Quicklert embeds Safe-Smart Critical Incident Management tools within normal daily business operations, so your people are ready when the unexpected occurs.

QBOX is designed to be utilized for everyday communications as an intercom system and as digital signage. Employees and customers become accustomed to hearing and seeing announcements through these channels. Simultaneously, QBOX’s AI technology is scanning the building for programmed threats of heat/fire, air quality, weapons, gunshots and more. As soon as QBOX detects one of these threats, a real-time emergency alert is dispatched and the intercom and digital signage instantly changes to emergency safety instructions. Utilizing the same everyday communication system in an emergency, eliminates confusion - saving seconds and saving lives.

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