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Case Worker Workflow

Improving Security for Mobile Employees

The Challenge

Social workers visiting homes as they follow up on cases can walk into dangerous, unknown circumstances. The city program is looking at ways of providing a tracking and alerting system to provide better security and response times to their case workers that find themselves in dangerous or life-threatening situations.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the city in the following ways:

checkThe safety and security of their case workers will improve tremendously, giving the case workers confidence to properly support the toughest cases

checkThe reduction in attacks and injuries to case workers keeps the agency's staff level higher with fewer turnovers

checkWith enhanced security, the city agency will find it easier to recruit new case workers, which is always one of its most difficult challenges

checkAs turnovers reduce, time and costs for training new case workers is reduced, allowing investments in other areas of the agency

Quicklert Connect App - Mass Alert

This solution uses the GPS and Panic resources of the Quicklert Lite Mobile App.

checkEach case worker downloads the Quicklert Lite Mobile App to their IOS or Android mobile phone

checkA case worker turns on Location (once) on the mobile phone, which allows Quicklert Lite to track their geographic location

checkIf a case worker feels threatened, they simply press the red PANIC button on the Quicklert Lite Mobile App

checkThe Panic Button sends an alert to pre-designated group, which could agency managers, as well as police responsible for supporting the agency, with GPS information from the mobile phone included in the notification

checkRecipients can receive the mobile Panic alert on their mobile phones, tablets, computers and desk phones (with select IP-PBX). Additionally, these alerts can be sounded (audibly) and displayed (visually) on the wall and ceiling QBOX devices selectively (for example, in a security area.)

checkConferencing and Recording are also available through icons on iPhones or desktop phones for the response teams as they coordinate their actions and record conversations for later review and training (with select IP-PBXs)

checkManagement or team members that missed the conference call can download recorded calls to their iPhones for reviewing and assessing the overall response while away from their desks

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