Courtroom Safety

Courtroom Safety

Government Emergency Incident Detection and Notifications

The Challenge

A municipality wishes to create safer courtrooms for its employees and constituents by identifying dangerous situations faster, and accelerating alerts and communications between key responders. A dangerous situation could be an angry defendant, someone with a weapon, or a judge simply feeling unsafe.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the municipality in the following ways:

checkThreats are detected faster and resolved more quickly, potentially with fewer injuries

checkCommunications throughout the courthouse are more accurate and timely

checkInsurance rates are potentially reduced due to the government's improvement of its emergency notification process

checkAn effective alert system will act as a deterrent to potential acts of violence against the municipality

checkIncreased employee safety will result in a happier, more supportive work environment

Quicklert Connect App

The focus of this solution uses ceiling mounted QBOX devices along with the Quicklert Lite Mobile app for mobile phones of courtroom employees.

checkCeiling mounted QBOX devices with AI-powered cameras will ‘see’ and detect if someone has pulled a gun or weapon

checkEven if the weapon has been pulled by an authorized courtroom officer, other courtrooms in the building will want to be notified, in case they can help and/or in case they need to lockdown

checkNotifications to other courtrooms can occur audibly and visually on QBOX devices in the courtroom and/or on mobile phones receiving Quicklert alerts

checkJudges or other personnel who feel threatened in any way and need help can depress the panic icon on the Quicklert Lite Mobile App which sends alerts to other pre-designated officers and judges in the courthouse

checkQuicklert panic icons work anywhere – in the courtroom, in the judge’s chambers, in the hallways, in the parking garage

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