Quicklert - Code Alerts

Code Alerts

Enhancing Delivery and Response to Code Alerts

The Challenge

A large metropolitan hospital is dissatisfied with their outdated code alert paging system. Patients, and their families, are bothered by the constant noise from the overhead speakers. Doctors and nurses feel they waste too much time figuring out code alerts they missed hearing because they were caring for patients or speaking with other staff members. The hospital wants a system that is more efficient, and quieter.

Benefits of Solving

Patients will enjoy a more peaceful environment, allowing for more sleep and faster recovery and hospital staff will become more efficient in coding response.

checkStress levels for families will decrease as they will no longer be aware of emergency situations occurring around them

checkStaff members will be able to identify a code alert without having to stop and listen, thus improving patient care and productivity

checkMissed code alerts can be easily retrieved, resulting in faster response times to emergency situation

Quicklert QBOX - Code Alerts

Hospital personnel receive visual, color-relevant alerts (along with audible alerts) associated with specific code alerts within the medical facility on their mobile devices via Quicklert Connect App and QBOX Devices:

checkA specific icon is depressed from a desk phone, mobile phone or computer

checkAlternately, a key sequence can be entered on a phone

checkAn alert is immediately generated and delivered across the hospital on mobile phones and computers – with an intrusive, audible and visual alert

checkQBOX IP speakers on the wall/ceiling can be configured to play a specific musical tone as opposed to a blaring alert sound

checkQBOX devices on the wall/ceiling that have displays can change to the appropriate color (via a Playlist) matching the code alert

checkQBOX digital signage monitors on the wall can be interrupted, and a visual color alert can be delivered

checkIf a code alert is missed by a staff member, they need only refer to the incoming feed on their mobile device or computer Quicklert Connect App to retrieve the missed alert

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