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Hospital Communications

Enhancing Information Dissemination during Normal Operations and Emergencies with Audible and Visual messaging and alerts

The Challenge

A hospital is looking for a more efficient – and intelligent – means of communicating with staff, patients, and anyone in the building. Typically, ceiling speakers make live announcements (both routine and emergency) while digital signage provides pre-programmed messaging. The hospital wishes to combine technologies so that a both live and pre-recorded information can be shared at any time – during normal operations as well as emergencies.

Benefits of Solving

Hospitals often deploy different technologies for normal business communications and for emergency communications. Combining the two results in numerous benefits.

checkBudgets are condensed; Saving capital and recurring expenses is a top priority for any organization

checkStaff can look to any communications device – speakers in the ceiling, signage on the wall, mobile phones on their persons, computers at stations, exit signs, clocks – for consistent, dynamically-changing information during normal operations and during emergency situations

checkThe same technology that displays routine information or makes routine announcements is also in continual ‘search mode’ looking for specific events, and responding to those events

checkA consistent message – regardless of situation – is provided both visually and audibly throughout the organization

Quicklert QBOX - Building Directory App

QBOX Devices are deployed in ceilings and on walls throughout the facility. Mobile clients are downloaded on smartphones, tablets and computers.

checkA signage monitor can be connected to QBOX IP speakers, allowing QBOX to drive content during normal operations and take over content during emergencies

checkQBOX Touch and QBOX Ceiling units (multi-function speaker/signage/sensor units) deployed on ceilings and walls provide event detection as well as audible and visual messaging

checkDownloaded clients can send and receive information to and from mobile phones, computers, speakers, signage, etc.

Quicklert Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Pandemic Solutions

Doctor, Nurse, Staff Safety, Supply Cost Reduction

Patient No-Shows

Reducing Patient No-Shows, Saving Revenue Streams and Improving Efficiencies

Automating and Simplifying Patient Discharge

Reducing Re-admissions and Controlling Costs

Code Alerts

Enhancing Delivery and Response to Code Alerts

Staff Management

Reducing Nurse Turnover Through Better Staff Management

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