Quicklert Patient No-Shows Solution

Patient No-Shows

Reducing Patient No-Shows, Saving Revenue Streams and Improving Efficiencies

The Challenge

A busy surgeon's clinic manages back-to-back appointments all day, along with a surgical schedule for the doctor and a wait list of patients hoping to see the surgeon earlier than scheduled. Each day, at least 1-2 patients fail to show up for either an appointment or even worse, surgery. This results in a significant loss in revenue for the clinic. Sure, they appointment can be rescheduled, but that particular missed timeslot – and the associated revenue – can never be realized. Additionally, patient no-shows negatively impact productivity with office attempts to locate and reschedule the missing patient.

Patient No-Show is a key “Never Event” for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

Benefits of Solving

checkReducing the number of no-shows will increase revenues for the medical practice

checkReminder actions 1-2 days prior to appointments allow patients to cancel ahead of time and open time slots can be filled with the wait list of patients

checkUtilizing a more automated system for patient reminders will increase staff productivity by eliminating the need for personnel to make these phone calls

checkSending a patient a personalized voice message via email or their patient client will reduce cancellations due to nervousness

checkNot requiring a portal – and its associated passwords – simplifies the patient experience

checkImproved communication will positively impact a patient's experience with the clinic, leading to more referrals and patient retention

Quicklert Connect App

The medical facility provides audio (generic) and visual (text) reminder notifications to patients in a single, simplified message using Quicklert Connect App.

checkInstead of using dial-out campaigns (and requiring trunks and potentially increasing costs), all messages are delivered free of charge via the internet

checkMessages are received as emails for patients without mobile clients

checkPatients can read the reminder as well as listen to the personalized voice message recorded by the office / nurse / doctor

checkThe voice note is created on the IOS/Android device running the Quicklert Connect mobile app

checkThe Quicklert Connect mobile app is a free download from the IOS/Google store

checkOnly the intended patient has access to this text/voice message, unless the office / nurse / doctor indicates otherwise

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