Automating and Simplifying Patient Discharge

Automating and Simplifying Patient Discharge

Reducing Re-admissions and Controlling Costs

The Challenge

A hospital has specific discharge procedures for patients which include a review of medications, follow-up appointments and other important directions the patient needs to follow once at home. Unfortunately, patients often forget these instructions and end up back at the hospital for unnecessary re-admittance, which negatively impacts revenue to the hospital.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the hospital in the following ways:

checkReducing the number of re-admissions will increase revenues by keeping more beds open and avoiding limited insurance payments

checkSending patients home with their instructions loaded in a message safely on their mobile phone, available with one-touch, simplifies the discharge process for the patient

checkSending patients simple reminders once they get home – a visual text or voice message, once again, on their mobile phone – will aid in patient recovery and result in fewer calls back to the hospital or doctor with questions

checkImproved communication will positively impact a patient's experience with the hospital, leading to more referrals and patient retention

Quicklert Connect App

The medical facility provides a generic or highly personalized message to discharged patients, in the form of a combination of text and voice instructions using Quicklert Connect App. These instructional messages can range from audio reminders to take specific medicines or avoid specific foods, to simple texts reminders. 

checkInstead of phone calls (which are screened, missed, not answered), messages are delivered securely to a patient’s mobile phone

checkPatients log in to their Quicklert Connect mobile app once – they do not have to keep remembering user names and passwords each time they need to interact with the hospital; simple and fast and secure, without requiring access to a complicated portal application for a simple interaction

checkThe Quicklert Connect mobile app is a free download from the IOS/Google store

checkWhen a message is received from the hospital, the patient’s Quicklert Connect mobile app will generate a loud alert/notification, getting the patient’s attention.

checkWhen they click on the header message, they hear a pre-recorded message that could remind them to take their medicine or remind them of their exercises. They also can read an accompanying text message

checkThe patient can acknowledge receipt of the message, and – if the hospital desires – the patient can reply to the message, asking clarifying questions.

checkOnly the intended patient has access to this text/voice note, unless the doctor indicates otherwise

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