Quicklert 911 Alert

911 Internal Alerting

Automated, Situation-based Alerts with No Human Intervention

The Challenge

A situation occurs on a school campus - a medical emergency, a fire, a disruption, or even an accidental or prank call. As a result, someone dials 911 for help. If it is a valid event, then the school may want the divert the right resources to the event while it is still in progress. If it is not a valid event, then the school wants to let the authorities know right away, and potentially understand why the call was made in the first place.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

checkDuring medical emergencies, the nurse or campus security can be on the scene faster, rendering aid

checkThe right school officials are notified

checkLives could potentially be saved

checkProperty could potentially be saved

checkAuthorities could be alerted and stopped if it is a prank or accidental call

Quicklert QBOX - School Hallway

Using PBX integration, the Quicklert software monitors the PBX environment and when the 911 keys are dialed, Quicklert software sees this:

checkQuicklert IAM software can be configured to automatically record the 911 conversation

checkQuicklert Connect App can be configured to send out in-app alerts to the right resources who are part of the 911 alert group

checkQuicklert Connect App can also send out emails to those people

checkPeople receiving in-app alerts on their mobile phones or computers can acknowledge. Full continuous communication occurs between all relevant partners – during and after the 911 call!

checkNote – any sequence can be monitored, detected and alerted; therefore, soft keys on the CUCM or Switchvox environment can be configured to launch panic alerts, intruder alerts, etc.

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