Active Shooter

Rapid Detection, Rapid Response and De-Escalation

The Challenge

An active shooter is on a school campus. He/she has not fired their weapon yet. But they will. Soon. How does the school keep its students and staff safe? How does the school minimize the potential damage?

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

checkLives will be saved

checkInjuries will be reduced

checkSafer Campuses mean less stress for parents, teachers and students

Quicklert_QBOX School Classroom - Emergency Lockdown

The goal of the solution is to save lives and reduce injuries by minimizing the number of rounds fired by the shooter. In order to accomplish this, the shooter must be identified as a threat before shots are fired. With the threat identified, school procedures that keep students and staff in classrooms while identifying campus and local police can be carried out – before the shooting starts.

checkAI-powered QBOX Ceiling Devices throughout the hallways will detect the weapon in the shooters hand. (Note – in some previous school shootings, the perpetrator assembled the weapon in the stairwell; therefore, strategically placed QBOX units in the stairwell can be the first to identify the threat)

checkOnce the threat is identified, QBOX devices place the school in lockdown – visually and audibly

checkQBOX can be configured to automatically lock doors (in the classrooms and stairwells) during lockdown

checkClassroom QBOX Touch and QBOX IP speakers ( can be attached to large screens via HDMI) deliver the lockdown instructions visually and audibly

checkTeachers and administrators get detailed alerts of the threat – and location – on their Quicklert Connect App clients and computer clients

checkCampus and local police are notified on their mobile clients and/or personal computer clients. They can connect to a QBOX to ‘see what it sees’, thus reducing the likelihood of walking into an unknown situation

checkSchool staff update the teachers in classrooms periodically on their Quicklert Connect App mobile clients

checkThe ‘all-clear’ is given visually and audibly by appropriate personnel using QBOX

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