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Bell Schedules

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The Challenge

Managing multiple bell schedules at a school district a constant challenge, with different schools having different schedules. Moreover, often each of these schools has previously contracted for their own solution and these schools have different bell schedules for regular days, block days, snow delay days, testing days, half days, and assembly days. The result is a scenario where adjusting bells district-wide becomes a cumbersome and largely inaccurate project instead of a simple, single point-and-click procedure. Often, staff are required to ring bells manually throughout the day.

The school district needs to find a solution that can manage bell schedules as well as other critical business needs, so they can consolidate costs and maximize valuable technology dollars.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

checkOffering schools an easy-to-use application to manage multiple bell schedules will increase productivity and streamline an otherwise complicated system

checkOne solution can be used for the entire school district to manage different bell schedules per school, or multiple schedules within each school

checkBells can be scheduled for announcements or assemblies, or can be silenced during testing or teacher planning days

checkChanges or overrides can be made quickly and easily, allowing for last minute changes for early dismissals or unplanned events

checkBells can become a visual as well as audible experience, with the inclusion of smart speakers and signage

checkUsing signage, countdowns can be displayed in hallways informing students of how much time they have to get to class, while also visually and audibly reminding students of social distancing

Quicklert QBOX Touch, QBOX Ceiling Tile IP Speaker

The high school is provided an easy-to-use software application – along with their choice of QBOX Devices and/or Quicklert QBOX IP Speakers - to manage multiple bell schedules, and the school district also has access to additional applications for managing other critical business needs.

checkQuicklert QMS Bell Scheduler is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop application for managing multiple bell schedules

checkSchools can create templates for different types of school days (standard, half, block, back-to-school night, etc.)

checkSchools can use different bell tones or text-to-speech messages for announcements, or silence bells completely

checkLast minute changes can be made easily to one or multiple schedules, and schedules can be centrally managed for multiple locations or located on-site for single buildings

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