Quicklert school social distancing

Social Distancing

Student and Staff Safety through Social Distancing in Schools

The Challenge

As schools re-open after the current (or any virus/infection-induced pandemic), they face challenges keeping students and staff safely distanced – in classrooms and in hallways and restrooms. This is critical in lessening the chance of infection transmissions in schools, but it is also difficult because it is asking students to go against their natural tendencies.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

checkReduce the potential for infected students and/or staff transmitting disease

checkReduce the likelihood of further transmission of disease to the local community

checkAllow schools to re-open and potentially stay open if reoccurrences arise

checkProvide teachers with distancing assistance so they can focus on teaching

checkTimely communications to parents will encourage trust in the administrators, and a tighter community involvement with the district

QBOX Ceiling - Please Maintain Your Distance

Using the Quicklert QBOX technology on the walls and in the ceilings, sensors can detect motion and continuously remind people in hallways – visually and audibly – to maintain distancing. This technology – which normally is used for emergency detection of dangerous events, or for ringing of bells or playing announcements – now adds a new function - social distancing administration.

checkIn classrooms, QBOX Touch can be configured to ‘count’ the heads in the classroom, ensuring that oversaturation of students does not occur. Alerts can be generated – in the classroom for the teacher, and in the main office if necessary

checkIn hallways, QBOX IP speakers can be configured to provide visual and audible instructions regarding directional movement and distancing. QBOX speakers connected to large monitors can drive normal and emergency content to the large monitors or QBOX Ceiling - dual-function speaker/signage devices

checkWhen classes end/begin, Quicklert IAM software rings the bells – which are intelligent QBOX speakers in the ceilings and walls – which provide distancing guidelines

checkWhen classes end and bells ring, a countdown can be played on the displays in the hallways while reinforcing social distancing

checkIn lunchrooms, QBOX IP speakers can be configured to play music in the background, while occasionally reminding students – visually and audibly through a video from the principal – to remain distanced during lunch

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