Quicklert Bus Safety

Bus Safety

Student Safety, Enhanced Communications

The Challenge

A bus is late transporting students to or from school, due to mechanical difficulties, a flat tire, or a traffic accident. Students are now on the bus, late for class – or late returning home to concerned parents.  A replacement bus needs to get sent quickly, and teachers need to be notified so they do not mark kids absent (in the morning) while parents need to be notified (in the afternoon so they know where their kids are).

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

checkAccelerate response functions if – in fact – any students are injured on an affected bus

checkDrastically reduces time required to transfer students from the disabled bus to a working bus, reducing the risk of injury

checkAllows a campus waiting for late children to prepare ahead of time for the check-in process, placing them in their classroom sooner and minimizing impact to education time.

checkReduces anxiety among parents waiting for their children to arrive from school leading to fewer inbound calls and complaints

checkTimely communications to parents will encourage trust in the administrators, and a tighter community involvement with the district

Quicklert - Bus Safety - Panic Alert

Using the Quicklert Connect mobile app client that resides on their IOS or Android smart phone, bus drivers can touch one button to start Panic Alert to notify school officials of a problem on the bus. This single action can launch a full-scale communications effort to reach administrators, teachers, the transportation depot, campus security, off-campus police and even parents.

checkA Mass Alert is pre-configured, with an optional PIN

checkBus drivers select / depress the icon associated with this Mass Alert

checkIn-App Mass Alerts can be sent to officials at the school – across any department – notifying them that a specific bus is having a problem

checkThe geographic location of the bus is shared within the alert

checkRecipients can reply to the alert, allowing for full, secure two-way communication

checkBus drivers can send text or audio updates at any time within the app

checkEmails can be sent to parents, letting them know of the problem. Alternately, the school can choose to make this a separate step initiated by school administrators

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